Search Process

Introduction to the KULPER & COMPANY search process

KULPER & COMPANY has worked on developing a very high quality search process since the founding of our firm in 1997.  We take pride in the continuous improvement of each element of the search process to assure long lasting hiring outcomes for our corporate and higher education clients.   In the year 2000, we became the first executive search in the State of New Jersey to achieve ISO 9001:2000 registration of our search process.  ISO is an international standards organization recognized around the world for their work with manufacturing, professional service and other organizations to promote high quality work outcomes.

As you review our search process please rest your cursor and click on each step of our search process shown in the chart and you will be able to view a detailed description of that particular step.  We always are willing to adapt and tailor our process to the needs of our clients and to make certain that your expectations are exceeded.

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Preliminary Steps:

1. Client Discussion

2. Consulting Agreement

3. Position Specification

4. Project Plan

  • Initial Client Meeting or telephone conversation is held.
    Discussion emphasis: Client expectations for “search success”, including proposed compensation package for hired candidate, preferred modes/frequency of communication relative to the search process, candidate assessment and match with hiring needs.Client organization background, strategic initiatives and culture.
  • Client receives, reviews, signs and returns KULPER & COMPANY search assignment “Consulting Agreement”, exclusively retaining KULPER & COMPANY to conduct search assignment.
  • Initial retainer billed/client payment made. SEARCH ASSIGNMENT OFFICIALLY COMMENCES. Subsequent retainer installments billed based upon agreed schedule; all payments “Net/10” basis unless otherwise agreed.
  • Search Assignment “Position Specification” prepared by KULPER & COMPANY and reviewed by lead client representatives (hiring executive, HR rep) and search committee team members, prior to final approval of the Position Specification.
  • Search Project Plan & Timeline approved prior to commencing search assignment.

Search Commences

  • “Potential Candidate” research and identification effort begun. Key Research Sources: KULPER Candidate Data Base Advisory, Contact Network, “on-line” industry sources, directories, professional associations and other sources.
  • “Potential Candidates” preliminarily qualified via telephone and/or video or face to face interviews. “Qualified Candidates” presented to the client interview team: Candidate CV/Resume, Cover letter and KULPER Candidate Assessment. Regular written “Search Progress Updates” provided to key client representative on weekly basis. Client begins selection of semi finalist candidates in consultation with KULPER.
  • “Finalist” Candidate(s) selected by the client   Written background reference investigation of finalist candidate(s) completed by KULPER & COMPANY after finalist candidate(s) provide written permission by signing and returning “Candidate Reference Permission Form”.

    KULPER & COMPANY conducts background and reference investigation. Technical elements: personal credit, most recent employment/compensation history, driving and academic record. Additional Options: Criminal background, Drug testing Qualitative elements: “360 Comments” from Bosses, Peers and Direct reports.

    “Finalist” candidate compensation package specifics (salary, benefits and starting date) discussed in detail with the Client. Confirmation of proposed starting salary and incentive bonus terms provided to KULPER & COMPANY by the Client.

  • Verbal “job offer”made to “finalist candidate” by Client or KULPER. If “verbal offer” requires further negotiation prior to acceptance, KULPER lead search consultant discusses with Client and “finalist” candidate to facilitate verbal agreement. Written job offer letter is not prepared until verbal agreement settled.
  • Written Job Offer Letter prepared by Client, (with assistance of KULPER & COMPANY, if desired), and forwarded to finalist candidate for review and written acknowledgment.
  • Finalist candidate accepts. KULPER & COMPANY informs semi finalist candidates that another candidate was hired. Search Assignment is complete and final retainer is paid by client. “Client Satisfaction“ survey form is sent to all client search team members involved with the search. “Candidate Satisfaction” survey is sent to hired candidate and optionally, to semi finalist candidates for quality review and analysis. KULPER & COMPANY periodically contacts hired candidate and hiring manager thereafter.

Hired Candidate “On Boarding” Option

“On Boarding” is handled by an independent provider specializing in this important service. Client engages organization with assistance from KULPER.