Meeting hiring goals and objectives…

What are the hiring goals and objectives of your enterprise?
Every company, university or not for profit association we support has a set of goals and objectives that include aims such as: revenue growth, increased profit margin, market share, customer satisfaction and product development. What about the degree of enthusiasm of your colleagues for the work at hand, though…often evidenced in the perception of the enterprise over a longer period of time. How smart are the people in the organization? Do they make a contribution to the industry or field in which they compete or operate? Are the products or service solution they offer considered just OK and priced to sell, or are they truly first rate?

Sports analogies are often helpful in illustrating a point. Look at the US Women’s Soccer team that just won the World Cup; they are about to feted with a ticker tape parade tomorrow in downtown New York City. Jersey Girl par excellence, Carli Lloyd—who managed a “hat trick” against the Japanese team a few days ago in the World Cup final, said it all: “I want to have people remember me, and let my play do the talking.

When hard work and talent come together—-there is something palpable in the air. In business it is felt when a client says, “OK, let’s work together”…and then goes forward with the deal. Everyone smiles for a moment, feels good about the win and then starts working on making sure the goods or services are delivered. Delivering on client expectations is essential—exceeding client expectations sets the table for something even more valuable—positive word of mouth, repeat business, referrals to other clients and the perception that the organization, university, association or professional service provider is a real player.

If it is the goal of your company, university or association is to be considered a top player then you must have the ability to attract and keep the right people in your organization. Filling open positions is easy—someone who sounds and looks good is always out there. Attracting, and then keeping the right ones, long enough to help your organization grow and develop, though, requires a thoughtful approach, discipline and hard work on the part of everyone involved in the process.

If you are curious to know how KULPER & COMPANY can help you achieve the most important hiring goals and objectives for your organization please, contact us.

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Keith D. Kulper

Founder & President

Keith D. Kulper is the president and founder of KULPER & COMPANY, LLC an executive search consulting firm working in the area of senior level leadership for academia and corporate innovation. We are strong advocates of nurturing the linkage between academic investigation/research and corporate innovation/full commercialization of new product solutions. We specialize in attracting proven leaders who can effectively drive transformational change. The firm operates an Advisory Board that meets annually to bring together leaders from academia and corporate innovation to help drive continuous improvement of our professional practice. We are also an investor in early stage companies. We take pride in supporting the growth and development of business and engineering schools at leading universities throughout the United States.