Case Study Implications

What are your hiring issues?  We can help.

By reading the case studies you will gain a clearer understanding of why it is so difficult to consistently attract and hire the right people.   

The case studies show examples of issues that our clients were encountering and how we have been able to work together to resolve them.  Since founding our firm in 1997, our approach to executive search continues to be informed by closely studying our search process and learning from the outcomes we achieve for our clients. 

Because we are all busily juggling many tasks we are often pressured to rush ahead to implement a solution before we are really ready to do so.   What happens when a hiring solution is not fully considered or thought through?   The news media loves to relate stories about companies or universities that have made  embarrassing hires for a key position.   Most of the time poor hires are hidden from the view of outside world, but rarely are they concealed from those most effected: organizational leaders, employees, clients and other key constituencies.  

We like to say: ”….there are always many great candidates in the marketplace who will be attracted to your organization.  Why not take the time to hire the right one”?

 Here are few key points to consider as you read over the case studies.

1)      The case studies are presented using a PAR ( Problem, Action, Result) structure to make it easier for the reader to compare and contrast each one.  

2)      Client Benefits:

  • Faster hiring cycle time
  • Improved hiring effectiveness/client satisfaction
  • Improved hired candidate satisfaction
  • Improved performance of the hiring organization
  • Reduced hiring risk due to technical oversights such as reference background checking
  • Reduced employee turnover

Careful planning helps assure the right outcomes.  Sometimes the reason for a poor hire is simply a lack of clarity and agreement around the goals that need to pursued by the hired candidate, i.e., the outcomes he or she must deliver by when.  

Think about the Problem(s) that we are describing in the case studies.  Do they sound familiar to you?  Are you dealing with similar issues?   

We have found that good process = good results, so we work hard to pinpoint the aspects of the search process that can help our clients the most.   We measure our outcomes—search cycle time speed,  depth and breadth of the candidate slate, client & hired candidate satisfaction  as well as length of hired candidate  tenure and promotion record.  

KULPER & COMPANY is an executive search consultancy.   We partner with our client to make sure the right outcome/result is delivered—consistently and cost effectively.   Our interest in quality outcomes led to ISO 9001 registration of our firm several years ago.   We were the first search firm in the State of New Jersey to become ISO registered because we are committed to the highest level of process outcome. Since that time we have continually improved our search process to deliver the best results for our clients and candidates.

Many clients want to know what is really like to work with KULPER & COMPANY  before they commit to engaging our services.   There is no better way to answer that question than by reviewing the case studies yourself and then speaking directly with our references.   We strongly urge you to read our case studies and then speak with a few of our client references and hired candidates, too.   Information is empowering.    We hope you will benefit from reading our case studies.   Please contact us with any questions or comments.