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Date of Issue: November 5th, 2019                                                                      DOWNLOAD SPEC     

Title: Executive Director
The Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
@ Seton Hall University

Opportunity Summary:

A new Executive Director is being sought to lead the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership (GCSL) which recently became resident at Seton Hall University (SHU). This is a growth-oriented leadership opportunity for a Non-Profit (NP) professional with proven general management, fund raising/development, strategic thinking and planning ability to significantly grow and develop the center in its new home at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ. The center was founded more than 50 years ago and is a national leader in the field of researching, teaching and promoting the work of Robert Greenleaf on servant leadership management concepts widely practiced by universities, NPs, corporations and government agencies.

The GCSL is newly located in President’s Hall at the university and possesses approximately 1,000 square feet of dedicated office space to be used by the Executive Director, staff and university interns assigned to it. The GCSL is recognized as one of SHU’s centers and institutes while maintaining its independent status.

The Greenleaf Center is positioned for growth with assets developed over the past 5 years, a strong and invested board of directors and growing acknowledgement that organizations must serve all stakeholders. The Executive Director will be charged with building upon this foundation to grow the center and scale its impact. For those who have already embraced servant leadership as their personal way to be and preferred leadership philosophy, the center will continue to provide resources and programming inspired by Robert Greenleaf. The board of directors sees the key to the next phase of the center’s growth critically supported by the ability to raise new philanthropic funds. The Center’s Executive Director will successfully solicit GCSL members, donors and other sources to grow operating funds. Along with this primary responsibility, the Executive Director must have the ability to successfully manage all financial and business aspects of the center while working to leverage its current strengths in a thoughtful, strategic manner.

The Executive Director must possess the necessary poise and proven problem-solving ability to work effectively with multiple constituents and be comfortable with the career risk inherent in leading an organization to its next strategic stage while achieving a new level of accomplishment. These leadership goals and objectives require a proven NP executive with passion and capability for developing innovative and effective solutions that will enable the GCSL to grow and prosper while enhancing the Executive Director’s own career.

The center exhibits many of the characteristics of an early stage initiative. It is operating on a “breakeven” basis with revenue from programs and fundraising activities bringing in approximately $500,000 annually over the past three years. The board and the niversity both believe that center revenue and net profit can be dramatically increased over the next several years. A proven NP executive with a highly entrepreneurial style and a “roll up your sleeves” attitude will be able to successfully raise the profile of the center, accomplish the vision of the university to further integrate servant leadership training and curricula into its many schools, and continue to widen and deepen the footprint of the center’s programs for its current and prospective clients at companies, universities, NPs and government agencies. We look forward to having the successful hired candidate on the job in early 2020.

The Executive Director will operate with a great deal of autonomy in fulfilling the key deliverables of the job. In day to day operations, there will be frequent interaction with and support from the head of Business Development, Pat Falotico, who is the outgoing CEO of the GCSL. Pat is steeped in all aspects of the financial, business and program delivery initiatives. She is a former career IBM executive who has acted as the GCSL leader since October 1, 2014. Pat is transitioning to her new role in part because she wishes to remain in  tlanta. The new Executive Director located at SHU in NJ will complete the job’s Key Deliverables. Pat will focus on providing GCSL consulting content, along with building and supporting a distribution network of certified consultants.

To see the complete details please download the  DOWNLOAD SPEC     

Interested Candidates: Please reply to Please forward resume and cover letter detailing why you believe you are a good fit with this opportunity. Supporting your reasons for interest with specific progressive accomplishments that align with the needs of the job will be very helpful to the success of your candidacy.

Date of Issue: October 16, 2018                                                                      DOWNLOAD SPEC     

Title: Chief Development Officer
Non Profit HC FUND

Opportunity Summary:

Chief Development Officer (CDO) Health Care Fund

This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Non-Profit (NP) professional fund raiser with a strong background/track record consistently raising $1MM+ /year in support of NP healthcare fund initiatives.  Marketing and brand development awareness experience is necessary. The client’s health care fund is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) Public Charity. The primary source of donations are foundations of multi-national health care/medical device corporations as well as foundations and individuals with a key goal to expand that base.

The mission of the NP fund is to bring low cost/advanced medical device solutions to the world’s poor.  Initial focus will be on assisting populations in Sub-Saharan Africa and India at risk for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma and others that can be readily diagnosed and/or treated through the application of innovative, low-cost medical device technologies currently available from established and early stage medical device companies worldwide.

The new CDO will work directly with the co-founders of the fund and a team of world-renowned professionals with deep experience in the field and commitment to the mission.  One of the co-founders is the recently retired CEO of a multinational medical device company.  The key of objectives will be for the CDO to work closely with the co-founders and team members to reach high level executives of multinational corporations in the medical device field, charitable foundations, individuals to raise$1.5 to 2.0 million per yearin total for the NP entity while creating added value to its branding and by working successfully/collaboratively with fellow members of the team.

There is a for profit element to the health care fund as well which can be further described to qualified candidates but the focus for the new CDO will be on the NP fund.


– 5+ years’ experience leading or working at a senior operating level in a Non-Profit (NP)

organization, preferably in the global health arena.

– Undergraduate degree required;[Graduate degree preferred].

-Global Health experience desired.  Specific experience in India and/or Sub-Saharan Africa is a “Plus”.

– Proven fundraising experience with a demonstrated track record of success

commensurate with NP Annual Development goals. CFRE Certificationis a plus.

– Ability to create/accelerate brand awareness through social media, website and

public speaking desired.

– Understanding of the broad legal framework for NP compliance, including as it

relates to fundraising and program related investments made by foundations to support their charitable activities.

– A strong record of organizational leadership, budgetary responsibility and working

with a Board of Directors.

– Understanding of broad global health landscape.

– Multinational industry experience (particularly in the medical technology industry) desired.

– Self-starter, passion, high intellect, and outstanding communication skills required.




The hired candidate will be very well compensated and receive health care benefits.  Preferably the hired candidate will be able to work “virtually” out of either Washington, DC or New York City.

Interested candidatesplease send brief cover letter of interest and resume in confidence

      This is an Equal Employment Opportunity subject to change at the sole discretion of the hiring organization

Date of Issue: March 28, 2016                                                                      DOWNLOAD SPEC         

Title: Director of Graduate Admissions
Date of Issue: March 08, 2016                                                                     DOWNLOAD SPEC         

Title: Budget Director
Budget Director for Drew University
Date of Issue: November 05, 2015                                                                      DOWNLOAD SPEC         

Title: Director of Purchasing
Drew University


Drew University is a nationally ranked liberal arts collegeby USN&WR .   President, MaryAnn Baenninger, in her second year as president of Drew University, has mandated a review of how things are currently done at Drew with an aim to making them as efficient and effective as possible in support of faculty, students and other key constituents of the university.  Drew has about 2,100 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled; the annual operating budget is approximately $86 million.   Located in beautiful and historic Madison, NJ, the Drew University campus is less than 1 hour from New York City in the heart of Northern New Jersey.

The new Director of Purchasing will be challenged to implement new policies and procedures to help control costs, add transparency oversight to the purchasing process, improve the speed of delivery of goods and increase overall satisfaction with the purchasing and procurement system for the university.   


 This is an excellent career development opportunity for an experienced purchasing and procurement professional.  The CFO and Controller of Drew University are looking forward to hiring a Director of Purchasing who can lead the way toward full implementation of best practiceoperations for the university’s purchasing and procurement program.  The new Director of Purchasing will have the assistance of experienced staff to support the current purchasing and procurement module running under the University ERP system, Ellucian BANNER.   A proven professional with about 5-8 years of progressive experience working in an academic and/or corporate purchasing department is being sought