Consistently attracting “A Level” performers for your enterprise

Keith D Kulper, President at the William Paterson Leadership Forum
Keith D Kulper, President, KULPER & COMPANY, LLC at the William Paterson University Leadership Forum

Consistently attracting “A Level” performers is a big challenge, but well-worth the effort.

“A Level” performers are very busy professionals. To seriously interest them in your opportunity you must be willing to take the time to fully describe the job deliverables/ by when, provide detailed information about organization background, culture, leadership and financial performance.

If your company is struggling due to less than stellar sales, customer service or internal operations but nonetheless shows promise for growth and development, the right “A Level” candidate will be attracted because of the professional challenge and risk/reward proposition–but the challenges of your issues have to be accurately presented. Conversely, if your organization is sound financially but lacking in the necessary leadership depth/experience to successfully grow and develop a key aspect of the enterprise such as product research, sales, finance or operations a prospective candidate can still become an interested qualified candidate but the right approach must be taken to interest him or her. Rarely, will a job posting or ad, alone be sufficient. Put yourself in the candidate’s position: do you want a vague, or an in-depth, description of what it will take to be successful in a new job? So often, the job descriptions that we see in the market place—even for high level positions- are mind numbing, uninspiring and dull. What sort of candidate are you trying to attract? A person who needs a job or a proven professional who can successfully lead a key aspect of your enterprise?

If you want to hire the best, you must invest the time and then take the right approach.

We have many years of experience recruiting “A level” performers who match closely with the hiring needs of our clients. Qualified candidates need to be able to ask questions about the opportunity and discuss it in depth before speaking with the hiring decision makers. Hiring managers then need to speak with qualified candidates who will be motivated to move through the interview process to conclusion. An experienced search firm like KULPER & COMPANY can help enable consistent hiring success by making sure that qualified candidates are ready to be interviewed and hired.

If this sounds interesting to you, we will be glad to confidentially discuss any question you may have about how we can help you and your colleagues attract the best candidates for your senior level hiring needs.

Please contact me directly; it will be a pleasure to hear from you.

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Keith D. Kulper

Founder & President

Keith D. Kulper is the president and founder of KULPER & COMPANY, LLC an executive search consulting firm working in the area of senior level leadership for academia and corporate innovation. We are strong advocates of nurturing the linkage between academic investigation/research and corporate innovation/full commercialization of new product solutions. We specialize in attracting proven leaders who can effectively drive transformational change. The firm operates an Advisory Board that meets annually to bring together leaders from academia and corporate innovation to help drive continuous improvement of our professional practice. We are also an investor in early stage companies. We take pride in supporting the growth and development of business and engineering schools at leading universities throughout the United States.