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  • Is a key aspect of your business or institution in need of significant improvement or wholesale transformation by a leader with a proven track record of success?
  • Is a key leader in your organization about to retire…or has a valued colleague accepted an offer for further career advancement with another institution or competitor?

We can help you quickly attract the right leader for a key position in your organization or institution; a person with the technical, managerial and leadership experience to keep your company, institution or Not for Profit organization growing and developing. Filling key leadership roles in your business with the right people is job one for any successful organization.  Having the time to put together a first rate candidate slate and then go through a careful selection process is a time consuming and often daunting challenge for every busy executive.   We have the knowledge, experience and track record to ease this burden while helping to assure the desired results:  attracting the right person who will help drive growth and development.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is the search you are about to undertake complicated because there is an incumbent in place and you and your associates are not clear how best to proceed?
  • Are you concerned that your opening may not be seen by the best candidates to do the job?
  • If you are already working on the search, how is that going for you?  Are you spending an inordinate amount of time directing the effort or assisting with candidate identification, qualification and other vital but time-consuming tasks involved with a senior level hire?
  • Once you start the interview process are you finding background or stylistic gaps in the candidates that immediately knock them out of serious consideration?
If you think that your current approach to hiring senior team members seems lacking or you may not have yet found the right search firm for your organization’s needs, please contact us.

You will find that KULPER & COMPANY takes the time to carefully listen to what you have to say about your goals and objectives before we talk about how we can help.   Once we do start talking, we will lay out an approach that will produce the results you need and want in a timely, highly personalized and cost effective manner: a slate of excellent candidates motivated to move forward and ultimately to be viewed as a trusted and valued member of your senior team.  

It is well-known that “A level” candidates often are not actively looking for their next opportunity when opportunity knocks.   We work hard to identify just who these people are before we contact them. We use social networking sites, internet posts, our proprietary data base comprised of 5,000 contact network members worldwide and direct calling to potential candidates who we uncover through our research efforts. Once we get a great candidate on the phone our purpose is always to learn if the candidate could be a match with the position and is motivated to move forward in the process. Our approach is highly personalized because this tried and true methodology is what top notch executive search firms do; it really can’t be done any other way without potentially compromising the outcome of the search.  

If you have ever received a call from a search firm representing a major career development opportunity that piques your interest, then you know how exciting it really can be.  It says something about you as well as the organization trying to attract you; you are on their radar, you have visibility and your career accomplishments have been recognized.  It is much more impressive when an experienced search professional initiates the call. It says to the candidate that the hiring organization has thought long and hard about what it is going to take to attract top talent for a critically important position.  It demonstrates sophistication and marketplace savvy and furthermore, it is a clear message to the best candidates that your organization is very serious about doing what it really takes to attract the cream of the crop.  The best candidates don’t need to be sold on a career opportunity.  Instead they want and need to learn about it in detail and then determine for themselves how well it matches with their own ideas for career advancement; an experienced search professional knows how to facilitate this.

We take the time to help top candidates see your opportunity in the most accurate and positive manner and then we introduce them to you quickly

There is an ongoing war for talent taking place out there; if your current approach isn’t dependably producing the best candidates for your key leadership positions then there is something wrong.  The best candidates possess a proven track record of success, they have a steady record of advancement, and they are well-liked by constituents, colleagues and fellow industry professionals.  They know what to do without a lot of hand-holding.  They are ready to make a difference by meeting and exceeding their responsibilities and they add value to their organization at every turn. Deciding to actively pursue a new opportunity is a very big decision for an “A level” candidate; having the assistance of a top search consultant helps to lay down the pathway for a top candidate to come to your organization.  

We know that our client is the ultimate decision maker and that we must provide as much information as possible about each candidate as he or she progresses through the interview process. We take this responsibility very seriously and believe that when we do our job well our client will not “miss” a great candidate for the wrong reasons.

Think about how you like to be treated when a search firm calls you. Does it work for you if the person calling you who is representing a senior level career opportunity can’t respond fully to your questions about a job that at first blush had your interest?  

When the search firm president from KULPER & COMPANY calls and can speak intelligently about the opportunity, the hiring organization’s culture, location and unique qualities, the candidates are not only impressed, perhaps even flattered,  but moreover they are eager to learn more.  “A level” candidates have many questions and are wary about speaking with anyone who is not fully informed.   They don’t like feeling as though they are being screened and can quickly get turned off about the opportunity and the company doing the hiring when a less thorough approach is used.   With KULPER & COMPANY you are represented by the president who conveys to the candidates the importance of the opportunity and the high qualities of your organization.

We continually survey the attitudes of our candidates and clients about what it is like to work with our firm.   We then use this invaluable information to fine tune every aspect of how we conduct our searches.

Here is what a client recently said about KULPER & COMPANY:

“In the 35 years that I have been associated with this institution—I have never experienced such excellent service from a search firm. We met many excellent candidates over the course of the engagement and felt as though KULPER & COMPANY was truly looking out for our best interests.”

A candidate’s feedback about KULPER & COMPANY emphasized: 

Were it not for the efforts of KULPER & COMPANY I would not have even looked at the opportunity.  From our first discussion about the opportunity to my signing off on the job offer I always felt that I could ask any question of Keith Kulper and receive an informative and honest response.  This made all the difference as the face to face interviews began since we were able to stay focused on discussing them, learning more about what I had done up to that point in my career and how I could apply my knowledge and experience to the challenge ahead.  The process was excellent from start to finish.”

If you are feeling even the least bit frustrated with how you and your colleagues are currently going about attracting key leaders for your organization, please contact us

  • We have in-depth experience conducting senior level searches for early stage and established companies, universities and NFP organizations.  Since our firm was founded in 1997, we have successfully completed search assignments for “C”, cabinet and director level positions for global public companies, early stage start-ups, and both large and small universities as well as national not for profit organizations. 
  • All search assignments are personally led by the founder and president of the firm, Keith D. Kulper.  KULPER & COMPANY has a support team composed of highly experienced industry specialists including former presidents, CFOs, deans, vice presidents for research and the like.  Support team members work under the direction of President Kulper to assist with position description development as well as candidate qualification.   
  • If you need and want truly personalized service combined with meticulously professional attention to your hiring needs then you have found the right search firm.

Let’s talk. Please send an email to contact@kulpercompany.com to get the dialogue going so we can learn about your hiring needs and strategic organizational goals.

Keith D. Kulper,

Founder & President