• What is your firm’s “specialty”?

    Higher Education: President and cabinet level direct reports—also Board of Trustees
    Corporate: “C” level and their direct reports –also Board of Directors.

  • What distinguishes the practice?

    We work at the intersection of higher education and corporate innovation. Our clients create competitive advantage through their dedication to promoting and leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation to creatively respond to the needs of their constituencies. Our hired candidates typically possess the intellectual curiosity/capacity of an accomplished academic and the creativity/sense of urgency of a successful corporate executive.

  • Who have you worked with before and what are some of your most significant search accomplishments?

    Higher Education: Stevens Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Clarkson University, Norwich University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NYU Polytechnic Institute , Montclair State University and others.

    Completed Searches: Business, Engineering, Graduate School Deans; VPs Research & Innovation; CFOs, Directors of Sponsored Research, Internal Audit, Financial Accounting/ Reporting, IT and chaired professors of business and engineering.

    Corporate Innovation: Honeywell International, CSC, Avaya, Cott Beverage, iSi International, Berndes, Quintum Technologies, and others.

    Completed Searches: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Treasurer, SVP Sales/Marketing, Director Product Development/Research, Controller , Plant Managers/ Controllers, SVP Operations and Customer Retention.

  • Do you have many clients who have used your services more than once?

    Yes. Our clients tell us that they use us regularly once the relationship is established because we consistently deliver the right hired candidate in a timely manner at a fair price.

  • What is KULPER’s approach to search?

    We provide a highly personalized service that aims at understanding our client’s unique hiring needs to assure that the Right Candidate is hired. We do this by identifying the unique elements of the position, key performance indicators/ job deliverables/ “by when” along with key background about the hiring organization. Our position specifications present this information in a way that is compelling and attractive for qualified candidates. We are often told by qualified candidates that they have never seen such a detailed and informative position specification ever before. We then take the time it takes to fully explain the opportunity to the excellent candidates who find themselves attracted to our client’s hiring need.

    We then work closely with the hiring executives and search committees to provide necessary guidance and advice throughout the search process. We do all of this with the highest integrity, honesty and sensitivity. As a result our hiring outcomes tend to be long lasting; our clients are delighted---they use us again and again---and our candidates stay on the job and are often asked to assume increased responsibilities.

  • What are the key deliverables of the service?

    Creativity in marketing the opportunity, timeliness of search cycle—( 90-120 days) , wide choice of qualified and motivated candidates, and the assurance that the client will be highly satisfied with the outcome. We care very much about every aspect of the search and work hard to make certain that our clients and our hired candidates are highly satisfied.

  • Who comprises the KULPER team?

    Keith D Kulper is the president of the firm and he leads all search assignments. Keith works directly with all clients and personally interviews every candidate presented for client evaluation and interview. Denise M Kenny-Kulper, Ed D, is our CEO and Chief Administrative Officer. We also regularly utilize the services of highly experienced independent professional researchers and consultants to assist us on specific assignments. In this way we are able to assure highly personalized and meticulous service that leads to our ability to consistently exceed client and candidate expectations. In addition, the KULPER Advisory Board provides helpful advice and insights that serve to improve quality of service and help attract new clients to our firm.

  • I would like to send you my resume so you can help me find a new position—please advise.

    We would prefer that you not send us your resume unless you are responding to a specific search that we are handling for one of our clients. We work for our clients and when we are engaged in a new assignment we publicize it on our CONTACT NETWORK as well as on various industry association websites and publications. Please do not send us your resume unless you are responding to a particular assignment we are currently engaged in completing. It is better if you subscribe to our email list –in this way you will be automatically kept advised of all new search assignments and news of the firm. The contact member email list is kept strictly confidential.

  • I saw an advertisement for a search that you posted in an industry publication, I am interested in it but would like to speak with you about it first.

    We would ask that if you are interested that you please submit your CV as requested. We will be in touch with you should we think you are qualified for the opportunity and will be glad to provide in-depth information about the position in the form of a detailed position specification. Once you review it and determine that the job is of interest and believe yourself to be a good match we will be glad to speak with you in detail.

  • I am in job transition and would like your advice about the marketplace and how best to approach new opportunities.

    KULPER & COMPANY is an executive search firm. We work for our clients and we are not career counselors but we want to be sensitive to your situation. We have a number of “SPECIAL ARTICLES” that you might find helpful with respect to your job search and career development initiatives; please review them at your convenience.